An ongoing commitment to our customers' success


We are an innovation hub for 20 years at the e-commerce forefront

In the 1930s

In Valdengo, Rodolfo Perona erected a turret. The majestic structure was not only a symbol of vision, but became an emblem of ambition and growth for the entire community, embodying the ardor and aspiration of an era.

It was on these solid roots that Hubrise was founded and over the years we have been distinguished for our ability to lead complex international projects in Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, Sweden, Norway and in the Middle East.

Our Company

Benefit from an integrated ecosystem that optimises your operations.

Our mission

Leverage our 20 years of experience in the fashion industry to provide scalable business solutions for logistics, customer service, and technology integration.

Our vision

Enabling our customers to fully outsource logistics, customer service, and technology integration to optimise their operations and make data-driven decisions.

Our values

Tradition & Innovation

Hubrise is deeply rooted in tradition, having been located in the heart of Valdengo since 1997. However, it has evolved to adapt to the changing e-commerce landscape, combining tradition with the latest innovations.

Flexibility & Agility

Hubrise's 20 years of experience and its membership in the Otto Group allow it to adapt to the evolving needs of e-commerce companies, both emerging and established.

Problem Solving & Teamwork

Hubrise's approach is focused on finding solutions. With its full-stack capabilities, it is ready to solve any e-commerce challenge.

Integrity & Loyalty

Hubrise promises not just a solution, but a lasting partnership. This commitment to clients is based on principles of integrity and loyalty.

Reliability & Respect

With a state-of-the-art warehouse that handles tens of thousands of orders every day, Hubrise demonstrates its strength and reliability in the e-commerce landscape. The emphasis on providing an "exceptional customer experience" reflects respect for customers.

Our Milestones


An interdisciplinary team of the Otto Group starts the design and development of the full-stack e-commerce solution for bonprix Italia.


The team supports the technical and commercial expansion of bonprix in Switzerland, Spain, Austria, Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, Sweden, Poland, Turkey and Middle East.


Getaline is born. A new warehouse is built, equipped with the innovative sorting system. The team develops new solutions: replenishment algorithm, intralogistics & logistics BI.


The Tech team develops new systems for order acquisition, after-sales activities and shipping optimization. Customer service starts using AI tools to respond to emails.


Getaline become Getaline ecomm solutions Srl, a company subject to the management and coordination of bonprix. First important upgrade of the systems used by Customer Service: integration with CTI, customer service BI and chatbot.


Re-branding of Getaline ecomm solutions: Hubrise Srl is born, a company of the Otto Group, specialized in order fulfillment, customer service and tech-solutions for e-commerce.

Our certifications



UNI EN ISO 9001:2015



UNI EN ISO 45001:2018



UNI EN ISO 14001:2015


The warehouses are designed for order fulfillment management and enables efficient and accurate handling of goods from the online and retail channels. Their ability to adapt to the challenges of e-commerce and multi-channel has enabled us to ensure quality service to bonprix customers and contribute to their success in the fashion market.


Size & Layout

The 13,000 sq meter warehouses are structured for diverse product handling, seamless access, optimal space utilization, and effective order processing.


Tech advancements

Integrate inventory management, automations, and real-time tracking, promoting precise inventory supervision, efficient pick-pack operations, and real-time updates on inventory and order status.


Strategic location

Situated between Milan and Turin, the warehouses enable quick highway access, facilitating faster deliveries and enhancing supply chain efficiency.



Equipped with security devices such as surveillance cameras, access controls, and comprehensive fire prevention provisions to safeguard stored items.


Scalability & Flexibility

Adaptable to fluctuations in inventory levels to handle seasonal demands or unexpected spikes in order volumes.

13,000 sq meters multifunctional space

6 & 12 meter ceilings

1,500 sq meters vertical storage

15 minutes from the A4 Turin-Milan highway

Our team

Cyril Ninneman


Marco Allera

General Manager

Luigi Uglietti

Tech Leader

Alessandro Zai

Head of Logistics

Sabrina Calabrese

Managing Director

Marco Rama

Head of Intralogistics

Marco Piccione

Business Developer