Technology solutions to connect your
e-commerce with the world


We drive innovation with systems integration and automations

In a world where efficient order fulfillment and superior customer service are critical, our technology solutions are the engine of your growth.

From design to implementation, we provide tailored technology solutions to meet your business needs.

Why us

Fast implementation

Our responsiveness guarantees fast implementation times for new projects and developments.

Backup & Disaster recovery

We leverage redundant and recovery systems to keep your data safe and ensure a continuous service.

Continuous monitoring

Our systems monitor network activities in real time, ensuring that everything works as planned.

Physical Security Measures

Our physical facilities are safe, secure and only accessible by authorised staff.

Safety & Compliance

Otto Group’s standards safeguards your data against unauthorized activities and ensures GDPR and industry compliance.

Our architecture

Benefit from an integrated ecosystem that drive efficiency, customer satisfaction and growth.

Advanced BI platform make informed data-driven decisions

Our Business Intelligence platform is not just an analysis tool; it's a strategic asset designed for a 360-degree view of key business data. Beyond mere data collection, we provide actionable insights to enhance understanding, strategy, performance, and growth.


BI Orders

Benefit from tracking of revenue, product details, payment methods, and insights into customer profiles and communication channels.


BI Warehouse

Get details on package specifications, packing schedules and special operations, including productivity and cost metrics.


BI Delivery

Track refunds, courier details, delivery times and claims assessments to streamline your operations.


BI Returns

Track returns and bookings and analyse the reasons for returns to improve your services.

Our expertise to enhance efficiency and scalability

With 20 years of experience developing e-commerce software solutions, we keep innovating and researching to stay at the industry’s forefront.

Our IT team is a key part of operational efficiency, improved customer experience, security, innovation and compliance in our technology-driven hub.