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Satisfying your customers has never been easier or more efficient. Rely on our tailored solutions to boost your customer journey, receive multichannel support and give your customers an effective and experienced touch point.

Why us

Multi-channel support

Telephone, email, chat, WhatsApp, social media, mail, fax and SMS are managed from a market leader system.

Advanced automation

Voicebots and chatbots improve the customer experience and reduce response time.

Integration & Scalability

Platform and service functionalities are integrated to offer immediate solutions to your customers.

Compliance & Security

All interactions involving sensitive data such as credit card details are handled in a compliant and secure way.

Customized processes

Our integrated processes allow to interact with your customers through their preferred channels, improving overall satisfaction.

OneTouch integration

The synergy between channels and OneTouch enables better management of customer data, enhancing the customer experience (CX).

Detailed analysis

Keep track of business and customer service KPIs with our advanced reporting.

Outbound management

Manage multichannel campaigns in accordance with current regulations.


The system engage operators from all over the world, the only requirement is an Internet connection.

Real-time monitoring

Our advanced tools enable real-time monitoring of operational activities, offering the ability to scale as needed.

OneTouch first contact resolution

OneTouch is our versatile system that improves customer service efficiency through operator workflow optimization and multi-channel, multi-brand contacts management. It ensures fast and accurate responses at the first touchpoint, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing costs related to second-level escalations.


Access control

Controlled accesses are provided for each feature in compliance with the GDPR to ensure secure and reliable operations.


CTI Integration

We provide the operator with real-time customer information for inbound, outbound, chat, e-mail, and WhatsApp phone contacts.


Order and address checking

Orders are automatically verified and blocked in case of discrepancies. Address entry is verified through a partner company's system.


Order entry

During order entry, the operator has lists of recommended products for upselling activities and overstock sales.


Purchase support

A detailed product sheet facilitates the operator in supporting the purchase resulting in increased sales.


Communications & Promotions

The operator can see client-assigned promotions, newsletters, and service emails to enhance customer service and engagement.


Delivery & Returns

Direct and instant communication with couriers allows for streamlined goods delivery and return processes.



Entering tax data on the customer account automatically issues a tax invoice as required by current regulations.



Klarna, Paypal, and credit cards ease order transactions and refunds. The 'Revolving' process manages the order lifecycle and collects due payments.


Quality tracking

The integrated BI system records and analyzes customer, order, and operator activities for insights on customer satisfaction, order status, and operator performance.

Our expertise to support your customers

Our team ensures prompt and professional responses to customer enquiries, leading to higher satisfaction levels and increased brand loyalty.

With 20 years of experience in e-commerce customer service, we provide tailored solutions to your business and customers’ unique needs.