Optimize order fulfillment to unlock your growth potential


A complete solution to handle your order fulfillment process

We provide efficient, accurate and timely execution from the moment we receive an order to its delivery to the customer’s doorstep. Our processes have been improved for 20 years to ensure that every logistics operation is handled with the utmost precision and speed.

With our infrastructures, we can easily manage 80k order/day per brand.

Why us

Cost reduction

Access cutting-edge warehouses, technology and teams without massive long-term investment.


Our flexible systems adapt to your needs at every stage, from startup to worldwide expansion.

Global market access

With our network of strategically located facilities you expand your business worldwide.

Industry expert

We provide quality services with 20 years of expertise in order fulfillment.


Choosing environmentally friendly packaging and responsible processes reflects our commitment to a green future.


Our platform offers real-time tracking, inventory management, and all the features you need to optimize your logistics.

24/7 support

We provide 24/7 support to ensure a quick response to any of your customers' issues.

Customer experience

Our fast and reliable shipping increases your brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.


We offer high security standards to ensure the confidentiality of your business information and to protect your customers' personal data in compliance with the GDPR.


We ensure that every shipment complies with local, international and European regulations.

We drive efficiency to streamline your operations

At our hub, efficiency is the cornerstone of our operations. Leveraging smart technologies and systems, we optimize your e-commerce operations, leaving you free to focus on your core business.

Through our commitment to efficiency at every stage, we transform your logistics operations into an optimized process, offering significant savings in time, resources, and expenses.

A next-generation sorter for unmatched accuracy and speed

The advanced sorter streamlines the picking process by selecting products in large batches, which are then separated precisely according to individual orders. This innovative system considerably lightens the workload of our packaging team. Before the package is sealed, each item and the corresponding shipping document are scanned for precision and efficiency.


8.6 M products processed on exit


Handles products up to 1 m and max. 7 kg


1.3k customer parcels/hour


9k products sorted/hour


3M parcels dispatched

Our order fulfillment services


Good receipt

We perform quality and quantity inspections to ensure that goods meet your requirements and are defect-free.


Order receipt

We integrate with your e-commerce platform and systems to capture and process incoming orders.


Easy picking

Our system picks 13,000 items in one step, increasing picking speed and accuracy, reducing movement and material waste.


Batch preparation

Our RFID tag simplifies batch management, control, counting and tracking. We manage multiple shipments, speeding up handling and reducing preparation time.



Our sorter minimizes picking and packing errors and ensures complete items tracking. Goods are sorted on 22 chutes for 160 orders per minute.



We scan the package to check its completeness and apply a destination and return address label. We can include promotional items, flyers or catalogs in the package.



Your shipments are organized by priority or courier, with defined pickup times for efficiency. If multiple couriers are available, parcels are organized and split to minimize later sorting.


Single & Bulk orders

Our software optimizes single order handling by reading barcodes, associating customers, and preparing shipping labels. We combine bulky and smaller items into one package to minimize shipping costs.

Returns & Exchanges have never been easier

Upon arrival at our hub, returned packages are registered, inspected, and analysed. We confirm that each item matches the customer’s order and its condition. Good condition items are repacked and stocked, while defective items are discarded.

Our method facilitates efficient handling, saving space and reducing waste by allowing returns to be stored anywhere in the warehouse.

Business Intelligence for making data-driven decisions

Our Business Intelligence platform is not just an analysis tool; it’s a strategic asset designed for a 360-degree view of key business data. Beyond mere data collection, we provide actionable insights to enhance understanding, strategy, performance, and growth.

Our expertise to streamline your operations

With 20 years of experience in e-commerce customer service, we provide tailored solutions to your business and customers’ unique needs. Our team ensures prompt and professional responses to customer enquiries, leading to higher satisfaction levels and increased brand loyalty.


The warehouses are designed for order fulfillment management and enables efficient and accurate handling of goods from the online and retail channels. Their ability to adapt to the challenges of e-commerce and multi-channel has enabled us to ensure quality service to bonprix customers and contribute to their success in the fashion market.


Size & Layout

The 13,000 sq meter warehouses are structured for diverse product handling, seamless access, optimal space utilization, and effective order processing.


Tech advancements

Integrate inventory management, automations, and real-time tracking, promoting precise inventory supervision, efficient pick-pack operations, and real-time updates on inventory and order status.


Strategic location

Situated between Milan and Turin, the warehouses enable quick highway access, facilitating faster deliveries and enhancing supply chain efficiency.



Equipped with security devices such as surveillance cameras, access controls, and comprehensive fire prevention provisions to safeguard stored items.


Scalability & Flexibility

Adaptable to fluctuations in inventory levels to handle seasonal demands or unexpected spikes in order volumes.

13,000 sq meters multifunctional space

6 & 12 meter ceilings

1,500 sq meters vertical storage

15 minutes from the A4 Turin-Milan highway